Iowa Gambling Task – Simulating real-life decision-making with card games

Decision-making is perhaps one of the most exciting capabilities of human cognition. At the same time, it also one of the most difficult ones to study as despite that our reasoning is often considered to be rational, the real-world decision-making is usually at least outwardly less so. To truly understand the cognitive processes behind decision-making, [...]

What I read in 2018

*disclaimer, this list was originally a list of tweets, you can find it here. Wondering what to read this year? Here’s a list of the 61 books I read last year with mini-reviews. The authors are also worth following in Twitter so that’s why I added their Twitter handles as well. The Accidental Billionaires: The [...]

Designing for Healthier Life

Four approaches to designing digital services that persuade your user to live a healthier life Changing your habits from unhealthy to healthy ones is hard. Fortunately changing behavior has become easier with technology. We don’t necessarily need that expensive coach to push towards our goal anymore, and a cheap mobile app might even suffice. The [...]

Designing a winning hackathon concept

Using a service design mindset to win hackathons The nature of hackathons has changed during the past years and hackathons are no longer pure 24h+ coding sprints. Of course, coding still plays a large role in hackathons, and nicely coded things are still highly regarded. But nowadays the service concept behind the hackathon project, design [...]

Key to Unlocking Creativity: Sleep

What you should know about sleep to boost your creativity A couple of weeks ago Luova Aalto organized an event about the interplay of sleep and creativity, lead by the wonderful Anu-Katriina Pesonen, a professor of clinical and developmental psychology from the University of Helsinki. Here are the key takeaways of that highly informative workshop. [...]

The Role of Designers’ Subjective Interpretations in Human-centered Design

Interpretation is the basis of radical innovation Design is the process of making sense of things, as well as solving the problems that are found through sense-making. Human-centered design is an approach that aims to incorporate the perspective of the user into this process so that the needs of the users are addressed better, which [...]